• Zeocell Chelatox 100ml

100 ml 

Can help in preventing & curing many disease such as : Cardiac issues, ADD/ADHA, Autism, Diabetics, Parkinsons disease, Digestive problems, Acne, Alzheimers diseases, Endocrine (Harmonal) issues, Vision disorders, Memory problems among many others.

100ml ZeocellTM CHELATOX = 1 - 1.5 month Dosage.

Cash on Delivery eligible.

Usages Adults: 5 – 15 drops 3 times a day. Children (above 14 years) : 3 – 10 drops 3 times a day. Take with Purified Water before meals. Drink two liters of water everyday. Not for use during pregnancy and Breast Feeding and kidney disorder. Ineffective during chemotherapy and radiation.
Ingredients Comopsition: 100ml distilled Water Di Sodium EDTA - D3 Potassium Chloride - D3 Sodium Bicarbonate - D3 Citric Acid - D3 Calcium Chloride -D4 Sodium Chloride - D4
Additional Info Why is it important to remove heavy metals from our body? With our ever changing life style and food habits and the consumption pattern changing the level of toxic heavy metals that we are consuming everyday is also increasing phenomenally. Most of the food and drinks that we consume today are contaminated with toxins. It is proven that toxic metals can be a major cause for many chronic illnesses. Systems resulting from chronic exposure are very similar to symptoms of other health conditions and often develop slowly over months and even years. Clinical observation indicates that an increasing number of people who are falling under this health conditions are within the age group of 50 years. Pesticides that we consume indirectly though the food that we take is one major cause for toxic metals entering our system. Besides the high pollution rate in the form or air pollution, water pollution and adulterated food that we consume is one of the primary cause of toxic metals. These toxic metals and chemicals will be indirectly responsible for the mental and physical conditions of a person. It is difficult for a poisoned body to heal if the poison is not drained out of the body. Hence, detoxifying is the best solution to help you stimulate your body and mind. The exposure to toxic metals and man-made chemical toxins starts in the womb. There for it is recommended that any women who is planning to conceive to do the heavy metal detox before conceiving
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Zeocell Chelatox 100ml

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