About Us

Wellaax is taking initiative to provide overall wellness solution to our customers. People are suffering from various ailments either due to the environmental factors or present day lifestyle. Hence, detoxifying one’s body is a necessity to remove these byproducts of environmental hazards to rejuvenate their health. Wellaax provides complete natural detox products which are proven to be very effective and safe.

Wellness is mostly associated with body, mind and spirit and there are many other factors that contribute to wellness such as healthy living conditions, balanced diet, workouts, a balanced career, a happy family and relationships, spiritual awareness among others. We believe that the other important aspect that also contributes to wellness is material happiness like owning a beautiful jewelry, a unique handicraft product, electronic gadgets which is the present trend etc.

Wellaax is also associated with spas to provide complete detoxifying treatments both from the external and internal which in turn beautifies ones appearance. 

We at Wellaax believe in giving the best service to address all our customers’ needs and build and maintain a strong relationship. We also thrive to address their needs and keep up to their expectations.